Hey there bosses! In today’s episode we are talking about building a writer website that sells your services.

Contrary to what you may hear in the internet streets, you don’t need a website when you first get started as a writer.

I explain more on this in the episode.

But eventually, you will need a website and having the five elements I share in this episode will be helpful to you when you finally decide to get your website.

Having your own website once you have your business going will allow you to:

  1. Look professional.
  2. Have a place to house links to previously written work (your samples) so you can easily send those to prospective clients.
  3. You can also use email marketing in conjunction with your website to nurture clients.
  4. Plus, it is 2021. Having a website is no longer a luxury. You should have one.

Tools I use for my writer website are:

(The following are my affiliate links. If you click through and purchase any of these, I will get a commission at no additional cost to you.)

Siteground  – I‘ve used Siteground for my WordPress website hosting needs since 2017 and highly recommend their service.

Elegant Themes (specifically the Divi Theme)

Another theme I recommend for websites is Thrive Themes.

Or you could get a sleek theme from Creative Market.

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