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Chances are that if you have seen someone successfully doing ANYTHING, that they have built a habit around that thing.

For instance, one of the reasons I have not been able to podcast consistently (vulnerable moment here!) is because I had not built a habit around it. I am getting better but it still stands that if I had built a habit around it, I would be further along.

However, what I have been successful at building a habit of is writing. I am so proud of that! In today’s episode, I am sharing 3 habits of successful writers and it may not be what you think so stay tuned!

Content marketing is one of the top ways I sell books. Most authors never sell more than 100 books and I want to save you from that. In my newest book, Content That Sizzles and Sells, learn how to use content to build an audience that loves you and is happy to buy from you.

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