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Past Speaking Engagements.

  • Biotech Connection LA at the University of Southern California – Personal Branding for PhDs Workshop (February 2022)
  • Brandeis University – Preparing for STEM Careers Outside Academia (January 2022)
  • Johns Hopkins University Horizons Conference – Rethinking Networking in 2021: Shining a Spotlight on Relationship Building (December 2021)
  • American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting – Public Scholarship and Practical Impacts Workshop: Media Training and Work Outside the Academy (December 2021)
  • San Diego Biotechnology Networks Virtual Career Fair – Building your Personal Brand As a PhD (August 2021)
  • Temple University – Branding Your Academic Self: Turning your expertise into opportunity (March 2021)
  • University of California, Irvine (STEM-GPS program) – Personal Branding for PhDs (March 2021)
  • University of Florida (Plant Science Council) – Recent Grads in Alt-Academic Careers (April 2021)

I am available as a paid speaker, expert panelist, or workshop facilitator for the following topics or similar.

Personal branding for PhDs.

Times have changed and according to NPR and CNBC, over 70% of jobs are filled via networking and NOT by applying for a long litany of jobs online. In this talk, I provide PhD students and PhDs with the tools to start building the networks that will have jobs and recruiters scrambling over them, not the other way around. The goal of this presentation is to help PhD students and PhDs build powerful personal brands they can use to land jobs outside academia.

Alternative career paths for STEM students (college and graduate school levels). 

In my work as an educator, I found that STEM students are not always clear on career paths available to them beyond traditionally well-known paths like medicine, pharmacy, and engineering. In this talk, I want to show students how to use their skills in lucrative yet lesser-known career paths.

Creativity and entrepreneurship for PhDs.

Starting a small business as a PhD has never been more accessible than right now. As someone who started and ran a small business as a freelance writer for four years, I can speak to audiences wanting to do the same.

Building communication and leadership skills as an academic.

More than ever, academics need to hone their communication and leadership skills in order to thrive in the non-academic career market. I can speak to this topic as well.

Please email me at to learn how I can present to your group.

Speaking Fee

My 2022 speaking rate starts at $1000 for talks/workshops up to 2 hours.

If you are a student group or university with a budget less than this, you can still reach out me and I will make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

*Please note that my speaking rate is based on the lifetime value I provide to the audiences I speak to.*

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