7 ways to use Instagram as a self-published author.

Authors and writers should not be wasting their precious time on Instagram, right?


When I published my book Win At Freelance Writing, I leveraged the audience I had built on Instagram – an audience of around 1000 people (a small audience) – to promote my book and hit number 1 new release on Amazon in two categories during that first week.

Knowing how to build your brand on Instagram can help you promote your self-published book.

In today’s podcast episode, I am talking about 7 ways you can use to promote your books as a self-published author.

Why you should be using Instagram as a self-published author

  1. It is a powerful visual platform.
  2. Instagram has over 1 billion monthly users – the truth is that you only need 1000 true fans to make meaningful money with your brand so this is a DEEP SEA to fish in!
  3. Instagram also has various ways for you to express yourself and build your brand. You can take advantage of:
    • Feed posts – this includes 1-minute videos in the feed as well as static pictures
    • Instagram stories
    • Instagram live
    • Instagram TV
    • Instagram Reels
    • Direct messaging on Instagram

I think of Instagram as an all-in-one platform that writers and authors should take advantage of starting right now.

The seven ways I have used Instagram to promote my books

When I launched Win At Freelance Writing, I used the following methods to promote my book.

  1. Allowing my audience to vote on book covers
  2. Using Instagram to build an email list
  3. Using screenshots of testimonials as social proof
  4. I used screenshots of the fact that I hit number one new release in multiple categories on Amazon
  5. Leveraging Instagram stories and feed videos
  6. I shared my book writing process
  7. I shared snippets of my book along the way in the form of quote graphics and mini-teaching sessions.

I discuss these in-depth in the podcast episode.

Resources mentioned in this episode

The Create and Prosper Shop – a curated digital product shop to help you make more money as a writer and author.

Win At Freelance Writing – a book by Gertrude Nonterah

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