Content That Sizzles and Sells is live!

You can now get it as an eBook or paperback on Amazon –

This is my second self-published business book and it is my fifth self-published book overall.

I have learned A LOT since I first wrote and self-published my first book and in fact from interacting with other prospective authors, I realize that these mistakes are common.

Therefore, in today’s episode, I am outlining 3 of the most common mistakes that keep people from writing their first book.

By the end of it, I hope you are able to find solutions to your own obstacles and finally write that book you’ve wanted to write for ages.

Content marketing is one of the top ways I sell books. Most authors never sell more than 100 books and I want to save you from that. In my newest book, Content That Sizzles and Sells, learn how to use content to build an audience that loves you and is happy to buy from you.

Click here to snag your copy.

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