Hey there bosses! Welcome to episode 4 of the Create and Prosper Podcast!

This is the show where bloggers and freelance writers get tips, resources and strategies that help them create an income and allows them to enjoy more freedom and family time. 

In today’s podcast, I’m going to be talking to Ashley Dawn from The Million Dollar Mama.

And the reason I was really drawn to Ashley was because of her prowess when it comes to affiliate marketing.

If you’re a blogger, then you should know by now you know that affiliate marketing can really be one of the ways where you make money, there’s definitely is work that you have to do up front with creating content with making sure that you’re promoting those posts, and so on and so forth. But once you put the systems in place, things can work out very well for you.

Ashli has done a great job of generating affiliate income especially from Amazon.

And so I thought I’d talk to her and get her insights on how she did that. And as she delivered the goods, so you’re in for a big treat.

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I want to say thank you so much if you take the time to do this. 

Fun fact: Ashli Dawn bought a Udemy course from me back in the day and has since been a part of my Facebook community. Talk about this whole thing coming full circle!

Ashli Dawn’s book on becoming a profitable Amazon Affiliate.

Want to become an Amazon Affiliate? Sign up here.

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