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Today’s episode is a mini episode from a video I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on YouTube. As a writer, there are so many options for income earning! As a result, today I am talking about how I created 8 streams of income outside of my regular job! I want to inspire you to create those income streams as well! 

Some of these are tiny streams and some of these are big rivers of income, but either way, they lead into the ocean… ok?! Ok!

I talk about these topics in today’s podcast:

  • Published book royalties- ALWAYS making me feel so excited and proud!
  • Online courses – a more passive stream of income!
  • Coaching – coming along side someone and helping them to get the results you have.
  • Other business investments – adverts on your website is a simple way to increase income and affiliate marketing.
  • Investments accounts – the earlier you open these, the better off you are!  Trust me!
  • Speaking engagements – a stream of income that is in high demand and a lot of flexibility (especially in the time of the virus…)

Not all of these streams of income are long term streams of income, but it is so nice to have all of these options AND MORE to pull out when and if I need them.

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Until next time…

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