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Today’s episode is a direct audio rip from a video I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on this week. This video I created on how I went from flat broke to making four figures per month as a freelance writer and how that changed my life. I wanted to make this video because I know what it feels like to be FLAT… completely, FLAT BROKE, to be frustrated, and to be worried about money and paying the bills.  I also know what it is like to start a business that consistently brings in valuable monthly income.

Here are some topics I talk about in this episode:
  • Mindset Matters- without the right mindset, you will self sabotage.  Entrepreneurship is NOT easy and it takes perseverance.  Keep going! Don’t give up!
  • Pick a Skill and Offer a service- What things are you good at? How can you offer that to your clients?
  • Using marketing spaces to MARKET yourself- Don’t just hang around these platforms, but network and market yourself!
  • Always be value added- Make noise, but meaningful noise about your business.
  • Come prepared to prove you are good at what you do- samples of your work in a public forum. Even if that work isn’t for a client!
  • Do not STOP investing in your skill level- just a little each month can make you more valuable to your clients and increase your income.

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