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In today’s podcast I want to talk about the differences between being an agency writer and a freelance writer. As most of you know, I was a freelance writer for 3 years and in January of 2021 I landed a role as an agency writer at CG Life.

I answer these questions in today’s podcast:

  • Did I always want to do this? 
    • No.  I thought I was heading to medicine. However, now that I am doing it, I can tell you this is what I want to do because, through and through, I am a writer!
  • What is the biggest difference between agency and freelance writing?
    • Health Insurance Benefits! Not a small thing here in the US.
    • In a freelance position, I realized there were certain types of documents that I would not be able to do as an entrepreneur.  Technical documents and other scientific writing is most likely going to come through an agency.
  • What do schedules look like for both?
    • Taking a random day off is much easier when you’re freelance writing. Friends, family, or acquaintances might ask you to do something or help them or have an event and taking that time is all about you!
  • How do income levels compare?
    • Full time income, and even more,  is available for freelance writers, but it does take a little extra hustle.  You cannot sit on your laurels and maintain.  You have to continue building a client list.
    • Agency writers earn a regular salary as well as a 401K retirement account.
    • The importance of long term financial planning increases as you become an entrepreneur. 
  • What did I lose from becoming an agency writer from freelance writing?

Tools/links mentioned in this episode:

There we have it… the difference between an agency writer and a freelance writer.  I hope this was helpful!

Until next time…

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