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Hey there bosses and welcome to episode 34 of The Create and Prosper Show.

In today’s episode I am sharing my thoughts and reflections on how 2020 went as far as my work and business are concerned.

In this episode, I share:

  • My failures – losing two major clients at the onset of the pandemic and even falling off the wagon when it came to this podcast
  • The podcast interviews I was on and the doors that opened as a result
  • Speaking opportunities that came my way
  • Published a number 1 new release book on Amazon
  • My work as a community college professor
  • New projects I am working on for 2020 and more.

2020 was definitely not the year many of us planned it to be!

We went through loss after loss in various ways.

I don’t want you to listen to this podcast episode and think that because you did not accomplish anything you deem stellar that you are not worthy.

We are all traveling our lanes and to be honest, getting to the end of this year in one piece is a blessing and accomplishment enough!

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