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In today’s episode, I’m interviewing Melody Johnson.

Melody is a course consultant and a personal finance coach and she has an incredible story!

Melody paid off $65,000 in student loan debt in 3 years, quit her corporate job to freelance full time and is now helping aspiring online course creators create courses that establish them as the authority in their subject and which also sell.

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Skillshare – Learn a skill and turn it into a 5 or 6 figure yearly business. You can do so today by signing up for 2 FREE MONTHS of Skillshare.
  • Start a profitable online business around YOUR BLOG AND ONLINE PRESENCE in 2020 with my 1-on-1 intensive coaching session. In this 3-hour intensive, we’ll discuss and work on:
    • Fine-tuning your niche/target audience so you reach the people you want to reach with your blog
    • Setting up your blog properly so you convert visitors to subscribers and ultimately BUYERS
    • Email marketing/List building
    • Creating digital products and/or services you can sell through your blog
    • Content Creation – By the time we are done working together, you will have will not only have at least 15-30 ideas your blog and social media
    • Traffic generation – Because if nobody is reading your blog, you can not do the rest.
    • After our session, we are not done! You will have email access to me for 4 weeks where I will answer any question you have as you TAKE action and build your blog.
    • The video recording from our call for your learning reference

Sound like your cup of tea? Go to http://geenonterah.com/coaching/ to apply to coach with me.

Where you can find Melody:

Podcast: Earn Save Thrive on Apple Podcasts and all major podcast outlets (https://anchor.fm/earnsavethrive)

Melody’s Quiz Freebie: https://thecourseconsultant.com/buildyourlistwithquizzes/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/herdesignedlifecoach/

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