This content marketing mistake is costing you money!

Imagine being the baker who whipped up a delicious cake mix but who then forgot to put that cake mix in the oven.

Not a good look for the baker, right?

Well, this is exactly what you’re doing when you don’t include calls-to-action for your content.

I would know!

I am the number ONE guilty party of this practice.

But it does not need to be this way.

You can and must include specific calls-to-action in your content marketing assets – emails, social media posts, blogs, podcasts, video – each time you create them.

They may not all be asking people to go buy something from you.

But they should all tie into your business plan and your plan to build deeper relationships with the audience you’re building.

In today’s podcast, I talk about the psychology behind calls-to-action, why you should start using them today plus I mention 10 different calls-to-action examples.

This is a content marketing mistake that is easy to make. Don’t make it happen! Start using calls-to-action today!

Resources mentioned in this post

The Create and Prosper Shop – a curated digital product store for writers and authors who want to make more money with their writing

Influence (book by Robert Cialdini)

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