How exactly does a person become a consistent content creator?

It’s not you.

Creating consistent content is hard!

I have been blogging and creating online content since 2012. In all that time, I can attest to one fact: creating content consistently has brought me more leads for my coaching business and has had people buying my books and people buying my digital products more than any other form of marketing out there.

Content marketing is a low-cost yet powerful way for you to bring fresh eyes to your business.

The key to harnessing the power of content however is to be consistent with it.

You cannot create content today and then wait for six months to create another piece of content.

If you plan on using blogs, podcasts, video or social media to promote your business, it is essential for you to be consistent with your content.

In this episode of the podcast, I am sharing 4 ways to stay consistent with your content creation.

An overview of how to be a consistent content creator

  1. Gain clarity on what you are selling – this is KEY to everything you will do next. Getting this right will help you make money faster instead of beating about the bush with your content.
  2. Plan content based on your business objectives
  3. Batch create your content
  4. Schedule it

I go into depth on what is involved in each step outlined above.

Resources mentioned in this podcast

The Create and Prosper Shop – a curated digital product store for writers and authors who want to make more money with their writing

Influence (book by Robert Cialdini)

Win At Freelance Writing (book by Gertrude Nonterah)

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