(…even if nobody knows you, you’re a COMPLETE newbie and you have no social media following)



“…every minute of the session helped me. By the time we were done, she had given me 20 different content ideas and from those ideas I’m sure I can come up with another 20 or 40 ideas.” Juanita D., Akron OH.

You started a blog in the past with the hopes of it turning into something huge.

After all, you’ve heard many people talk about how they’ve made bank with their blogs.

You signed up and got your shiny new domain name and excitedly started your blog.

Your writing is great.

Your friends and family are impressed with your blog.

But months later, the silence on your blog is LOUDER than crickets chirping. 

And you’ve wondered if you can ever make money with this blogging thing.

Sound familiar?

I know the feeling.

I started a blog in 2012 and the same thing happened to me.

After almost 2 years(!) of stumbling around in the dark, I finally got it.

I started my blog in 2014, better equipped to start making an income with my blog.

That blog helped me:

  • Land speaking opportunities
  • Snag sponsored opportunities with well-known companies
  • Start a successful freelance business
  • And has given me the opportunity to make a full-time income from anywhere in the world

And guess what? I did all of that without having a large social media following.

But these did not just happen.

It took strategy.

I ditched the free tactics and invested in my own learning and that is when I saw things take off.

Here’s the thing: starting a blog is easy.

Starting a Facebook page, an Instagram page or on Twitter? That’s easy.

Making an income with it?

That takes strategy.

It’s not your fault that you haven’t made any cash with your blog.

Most of what is taught online about making an income online and blogging revolves around having a large social media following or getting 1000 likes on everything you post.

This is simply not true.

Let me show you how to build a profitable online business without a large following.

Hey there boss.

My name is Dr. Gertrude Nonterah and I have been making money online since 2015.

I am passionate about helping people start profitable personality-centered businesses that help them create more freedom and family time.

Is the 1-on-1 coaching session for you?

The 1-on-1 coaching session is for you if you want to:

A) Start a profitable blog but need the STEP-BY-STEP on how to actually build an audience and make money AND

B)Learn how to create STELLAR content that sells your knowledge and expertise

C)Build a personal brand with your blog and social media that you can monetize.

What do you get with our 1-on-1 session?

This is a 3-hour intensive coaching session where I will be working with you PERSONALLY to do deep work on your blog and online brand.

We will discuss and work on:

  • Fine-tuning your niche/target audience so you reach the people you want to reach with your blog
  • Setting up your blog properly so you convert visitors to subscribers and ultimately BUYERS
  • Email marketing/List building
  • Creating digital products and services you can sell through your blog
  • Content Creation – By the time we are done working together, you will have at least 15-30 ideas that you can work on IMMEDIATELY for your blog and social media
  • Traffic generation – Because if nobody is reading your blog, you cannot do the rest.
  • After our session, we are not done! You will have email access to me for 4 weeks where I will answer any question you have as you TAKE action and build your blog.
  • The video recording from our call for your learning reference.

 What I’ll expect from you

  • A willingness to DO the work
  • A growth mindset that says “I can do anything”
  • A readiness to build a powerful online brand that helps you earn an income
  • A 3-hour block of time where you are uninterrupted

I don’t work with people who complain about everything, think everyone is out to get them or who will not do the work.

NOTE: Even though the 3-hour coaching intensive is structured around helping you build a profitable blog and business, you can use the principles I teach you to build ANY business. Just like I helped Abena get 3 clients for her event planning business within a month of coaching with me.

“I came to Dr. Gertrude for writing help. Instead, she got personal on a level I was not expecting and helped me build a business around my passion (event planning). Within a month, I had 3 clients. I am now planning my biggest event.” – Abena K., St Louis MO.

And check out this testimonial from one of my very first coaching clients, from the UK who launched her blog and made her first Etsy sale in the same week!

It’s not about how large your following is on social media or even how much traffic comes to your blog.

Those are important BUT it is more important to be strategic with your sales process with your blog and/or personal brand and that is exactly what we work on during this coaching session.

Your investment for the 3-hour blogging and personal brand building intensive is $497.

Click the button below to schedule a 15-minute call so I can fully assess your needs for our coaching session. 

Have questions? Send me an email at

Frequently Asked Question

Q: Can’t I just Google all this stuff and build my blog for free?

A: You definitely can. The thing about free information however is that although it is free, it is fragmented and you will find that it takes you many hours and months to actually put together a workable strategy that will set you up for success.

You can certainly go that route. But I can assure you, it will take A LOT of time.

Or you can make an investment and cut your learning curve by 80%.

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