So you want to start public speaking, huh? Well, it all starts with setting up your speaker page for success.

In today’s episode we are talking about setting up a speaker page.  This is for all you writers who want to add speaking to your creative career resume. Speaking is a great opportunity to increase revenue and expand your influence and audience. Whether you are speaking at a paid opportunity or a free one, it is a way to grow your social media presence.  With the pandemic, many speaking opportunities have become virtual opportunities.  It is wonderful because, even though there aren’t as many opportunities, it has made speaking a little more simple. 

Today, I am going to be talking about all the elements that will help you to land that speaking gig! It can be a very lucrative part of your income and you can set yourself up to add formal speaking engagements to your revenue and resume!

Here is what I talk about in today’s podcast:

  • Items should be included on your speaker page- Is a linked resume necessary? 
  • What is a media kit?  Media kits answer these questions: 
    • Where have you been featured?
    • What other work have you done?
    • What is your background or industry awards?
  • How to make a speaker reel? 
    • This is key because it is an example of your ability as a speaker.
  • What if I don’t have any formal speaking engagements on my resume?
  • How to gather testimonials and reviews for your speaker page
  • Using social media to highlight or promote your speaking

Tools/links mentioned in this episode:

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Until next time…

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