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Hey there Boss!

My name is Gertrude Nonterah. Friends like you, call me Gee. If you’re looking for tips, resources and strategies on how to make a living as a freelance content writer and blogger, you’re in the right place.

My writing and/or I (ha!) have been featured in places like:


MediKeeper could not be more pleased with the content that Gertrude Nonterah has been creating for us.  Gertrude operates independently and I appreciate her level of professionalism and adherence to deadlines.

Darryl Gordon

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Medikeeper

Gertrude. You’re always my first call for any writing project. It’s great working with you.”

Anna Nguyen

Owner, Alphagraphics Houton Galleria

“Ever since Gertrude took over our content creation, I have not had to worry about consistent and high quality content for our blog.”

Jonna Overson

Founder and CEO, Green Tree Home Care

“I’ve been working with Gertrude for the last two years and yes, she is an amazing writer.”

Robert Farrington

Forbes contributor and owner at The College Investor